Why I Went From 1300 Friends on Facebook to 289

I have 289 facebook friends but only a handful in real life.

For many years I based my self-worth off of the amount of friends I had on facebook and the number of likes I was getting on various posts.  Around two years ago, that all changed.


I do not have time to keep up with everything in today’s world.  In fact any spare moment I have goes to cleaning up the aftermath of my son’s “creativity,” daily chores, and a quick shower when I get the chance.  What “Sarah,” who I probably have not spoken a word to in a few years, did over her weekend does not entertain me anymore.  Before I come off as somewhat snooty, let me explain.  

My world is consumed with my son….i love it.  Being a mom is incredibly challenging but with every laugh, milestone, and entertaining moment I feel more and more full.  Because of this, I always want to share him with the world via social media.  My world that is.  

My mom and I have had many conversations on this.  We have these individuals on social media yet we see them at the grocery store, ball games, community events and they walk past us as if they do not know us.  So why allow these individuals in our lives?  Why allow them a front row seat at your daily life, my son for example, when you can’t even give me a genuine hello?

As more and more individuals became aware of me expecting my first child, the amount of friend requests I received on social media was substantial.  Over the course of a few months there were 67 friend requests.  All of which were people I either barely knew or haven’t spoken to in a very long time.  It was then that I realized, my mindset on social media had to change.  Over the course of the next two years I slowly began deleting people.  Faded friendships, community members I barely knew, and random people I probably had never met were some of the first to go.  Some people took it personal.  Which when confronted about why I removed them, I always assured the individual that it was absolutely nothing personal.  I simply want to have a more private social media account.  It was a choice I am more than happy to have made.  I have 289 Facebook friends and I am most certain that will continue to fluctuate as I see fit.  

So no, my son’s goofy picture probably will not hit 100 likes and my opinion on how terrible of a president Trump is probably will not reach thousands of people, but I rest easy at night knowing that my self worth is not defined by Facebook, my confidence is not reassured by the amount of likes I obtain on a photo, and I now have more control of who I share my daily life with.  

Everyone is allowed to do as they please in every aspect of their life.  I have simply chosen to share mine with people who take interest, with individuals who acknowledge me, my son, and my family, and those who have consistently stood by my side.