To You On Your 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday my love..


Recently, I have spent time reflecting on how my love for you has changed over time.  When you were born, it was an immediate motherly instinct to love and protect you; to guide you through such a fragile time in your life.  To hold you when you cried and tend to your every need.  I loved you because you were a baby.  I loved you because you were my baby.  To say my love for you has changed over the last two years is not saying that I love you any more or less than I did the day you were placed in my arms for the first time.  Now that you are turning two, it has occurred to me that my love for you goes far beyond your connection to me.  You are the light of my entire life.  The reason I wake up and look forward to the day.  The one person that can single handedly look at me and with one smile can completely turn my day around.  You are my person.     


After the initial surprise that I was going to be a mommy, I spent a lot of time reflecting.  There were hours spent talking to God asking him if I really was worthy of such a beautiful gift.  I knew that I always wanted to be a mom but was I ready?  One piece of advice I have for you is to never question God’s plan.  He knew what He was doing when He blessed me with you.  For you were exactly what your father and I needed.  The honest truth was we were not ready and although I know I make mistakes, there is nothing that makes me more proud than you.

Each day when your eyes open and you say that soft spoken “Mama” until I awake, you grab ahold of the day the way every person in this world should; with pure joy and wonderment.  Sure, waking up before the sun may be a challenge for most, but it is far from a challenge to be woken up by you my sweet boy, excited that the first thing he sees is his mama.  You have always had a way of making me feel special, loved, and appreciated.  Even when you purposely sneeze on me because you think it is hilarious (life of a mom with a son, I guess).    


Son, you are what bliss looks like in a little boy.  The happy, incredibly affectionate, determined toddler is what makes you perfect.  Thank you a thousand times for walking beside me as we take on life together.  As friends, yes but most importantly as mother and son.  

Now close your crystal blue eyes, blow out your candles, and I will always pray that your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday.