To the Single Momma Trying to Keep it All Together

To the Single Momma Trying to Keep it All Together,

Yes, you over there.  I have something to tell you momma, you are doing a great job.  Although you feel the struggles to be overwhelming at times, hang in there. Brighter days are ahead.

I cannot physically see your struggles, but I can most definitely relate.  


I know that you are drained with everything on your plate.  You are suppressing your always tired self with caffeine and fighting through the negative thoughts that tend to flood your mind.  You go to bed tired and seem to wake up every morning with the same amount of tiredness from the night before.

Please hear me out, it is going to be okay.  Weather the storm.

Your inner strength will be challenged and you are going to question many times whether or not you can fulfill this role on your own.  I know you feel as though maybe you did not try hard enough to keep your family together or that maybe you should have stuck it out. Listen momma, you are wrong.  The love for your child is a powerful thing and you made the right choice to put both you and your child first.

I know that you try your best to be a great mother, friend, and daughter but you feel like you are letting a lot of people down.  You struggle to fit into a society that has a stigma about single mothers and speaking of motherhood, becoming the ideal mother is something you dream about but feel as though you are far from obtaining.  Wrong again. You wake up every day in order to provide everything for your child. Whether that means working long hours, obtaining an education, or simply making sure your child is well taken care of.

Your brave mask you wear every day when you wake up is part of your “Super Mom” role you fulfill day in and day out.  But you are only human. I do not see your struggles because you smile through bad days. You get up every day and go after it.  You do what you have to do.


I do not see all of these things because of this mask you wear but I can relate to them because I am you.  I think a lot of us single mommas tend to be from time to time. Especially in the beginning.

The weight of responsibility can be debilitating at times and it is okay.  When you wake up, take a deep breath and offer yourself a moment of self-reflection.  When the day really begins and you are having a moment of weakness and feel like you are falling to the pressures of society, look down at your little human and remind yourself of what you want for them.  

You never planned that you would be raising this beautiful human alone.  There are many things in life that we cannot prepare for. But you are making the right decision by putting your little first.  

One foot in front of the other, momma.