Growing and changing is simply a part of life.  

Growing and changing is simply a part of life.  

Many times we have this preconceived notion that people we spent a large majority of our childhood with or after a solid foundation of a relationship with a friend or significant other is established, it has no end point.  We feel as though it will last forever and we live our lives so sure of that relationship, avoiding any warning signs that prove otherwise. The truth is that everything changes. Times change. People change. You learn, you grow, and you experience new things.   

Nothing is permanent nor promised.  Only the man upstairs knows our plan.  Our plan is something beyond our comprehension.  It is inevitable and it is our job to embrace whatever may be part of it.  

Many times changes occur so subtly that we may not even notice them happening, especially when they are happening to ourselves.  We must always remember that growing and changing is simply a part of life and you may lose people along the way.

Time.  I see many people holding onto relationships both intimate and friendship based because of time.  No matter the amount of time invested, know that it is always okay to let go if you have outgrown a person.  It does not make you weak or less than. Change is scary but nothing can stay the same forever. Without change we fail to experience new things.  We fail to grow. We fail to become who it is we were meant to become.

Life is a beautiful thing.  We have to get out of it what we can in the limited time we do have.  

This last year has tested me in ways I never thought possible.  The highs were high and the lows were low. It sent me soaring into the clouds of success and it sent me nosediving to the ground.  I learned many things and with every loss experienced, I have gained something new.

Those “that will never happen to me situations,” do in fact happen to you and they hurt like hell.  Think back to the last time you thought you were not going to figure things out or you felt like you could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But you did get up and you did continue. And you will do it again. These experiences force change.

I thought I was strong then but I am even stronger now.

Over the last year people have both entered and exited my life.  Some by deliberate choice and some unexpectedly. I had to figure out how to let people in while also stitching up my wounds on my own.  Now this is time well spent.   

Growing and changing is a part of life and sometimes you both lose and gain relationships along the way and we must all know that it is completely okay.