To the Girl About to Push Away a Good Person Because of the Baggage Left After a Toxic Relationship,

Someone hurts us so we build our walls so high, never to be broken down again.  A self-destructive defense mechanism. I did it. We all do. Here is the problem with this wall of yours, it may protect you from those with ill intentions, but it also has the ability to restrict the right person from getting in.      

One thing you must understand is it is essential that you be at peace being alone.  Not only in relationships but in all facets of life. People often get uncomfortable in silence.  Embrace it.

Know what you bring to the table and never be afraid to sit alone.  If there is one thing I have learned over the last 7 months, it’s that my worth was not going to be found in the hands of another person.  It had to be found within myself. We must find a balance between our self worth, humility, and what we can offer the world.  How does me encouraging being alone produce the possibility of finding the one who sets your heart on fire?  It is within ourselves that we find everything this world is so desperately seeking and only when you find the person that truly believes in you will you see this come to light.       

We were not made to live life alone.  It may get difficult to believe at times but each and every one of us is meant to find our soulmate.  

So, you are afraid to get hurt.  

 It's okay to get hurt.  You'll recover. You'll learn.   It's okay to take chances because you never know how much it could change your life. But the worst thing you could do is push away a good person because you’re scared.  Growth doesn’t happen when we are comfortable.

The truth is, love is not going to hurt you.  It is going to heal you; if you are brave enough to allow it.