I Am.....

I am the one who knows most of the answers. I admit, sometimes you ask questions that are beyond my own comprehension but I do the best with what I know. 

I am the rememberer. I remember your favorite snacks. How you like your apples cut a specific way and how you always prefer green over purple grapes. That your prefer a spoon over a fork, always. I remember that much like your momma, you don’t like when your food touches. 

I am the protector. From darkness and all things evil. Both real and imaginary. Despite me raising you to be strong and stand up for what is right, I will always be  the defender.

In your eyes, I am the warrior. A woman who can do it all but the truth is, I worry a lot. I fight to protect you; to shelter you from all that is wrong with the world, but I often carry your worries and many of my own. 

I am your safe haven. The one who gives the best cuddles and knows your favorite songs and prayers. I am the nurse at 3am when your belly hurts. Your security blanket.

I am your mother. Your very best friend.

I am rewarded with smiles and cuddles and all the “lovins” a mom could only dream of and I am more than honored. 

To you, I am your extraordinary. Little do you know my sweet boy that you are in fact mine.